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Men like Blonde Jokes - Rating: 6.09   
Blondes Ear to Ear - Rating: 6.09   
Blonde going Crazy - Rating: 6.09   
Blondes Hurt by People's Words - Rating: 6.08   
Blondes and McDonald's - Rating: 6.08   
Dog Barking - Rating: 6.08   
Blonde V.S Fish - Rating: 6.08   
Blonde at The Theater - Rating: 6.08   
Blondes Eyes Twinkle - Rating: 6.07   
Blonde Spelling Farm - Rating: 6.06   
Blonde Standing in Front the Mirror - Rating: 6.06   
Blonde Starring at Orange Juice - Rating: 6.05   
Blonde Crossing the Street - Rating: 6.04   
Blonde Snowman - Rating: 6.04   
Accidents - Rating: 6.03   
It's Chili Outside - Rating: 6.03   
Blonde and Beer Bottles - Rating: 6.03   
Having A Blonde Passenger - Rating: 6.02   
Blonde Drinking Milk - Rating: 6.02   
Green Lipstick - Rating: 6.02   

« Short Jokes 1 - 20 Short Jokes 40 - 60 »

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