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Blonde Q&A
How do you get a blonde to climb on the roof?
Tell her that the drinks are on the house

What do you call it when a blonde gets taken over by a demon?
A vacant possession.

What did the blonde's dentist find?
Teeth in the cavity

What is a blonde doing when she holds her hands tightly over her ears?
She's trying to hold on to a thought

What is a blonde's idea of safe sex?
A padded dash

Why do blondes use white-out on their computer screens?
They couldn't find their eraser.

What do you do when a blonde throws a pin at you?
Run like hell...she's got a hand grenade in her mouth.

Why did the blonde cross the road?
She wanted to see the geese because she heard honking!

Why was the blonde confused after giving birth to twins?
She couldn't figure out who the other mother was.

Why did the blonde stare at the frozen orange juice can for hours?
Because it said 'concentrate'.

Why do Blondes wear earmuffs?
To avoid the draft.

What do blonde virgins eat?
Baby food.

Why did the blonde take two hits of acid?
She wanted to go on a round trip.

Why did the blonde snort Nutra-Sweet?
She thought it was diet coke.

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