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Laying Sod
There was a woman who wanted to repaint her house, so she called the contractor and set an appointment to meet with him.

When the contractor comes to her house they do a walk-through and he asks her what colors she would like. When they come to the living room, she tolls him that she would like a nice and warm cream color.

The contractor writes something down on his pad then walks to the window and yells "Greenside up."

The lady gets a little confused, and they continue to the dining room where she tells him, "I would like a nice warm white in here, nothing stark."

The contractor writes something down on his pad again , then walks to the window and again yells, "Greenside up!"

The lady is really confused now but still does not say anything. They continue to her bedroom and she says, "I would like a nice, cool, relaxing blue in here."

The contractor writes something on his pad and again walks to the window and yells, "Greenside up." The woman is now totally perplexed and says to the contractor, "Three times I have told you the color that I want, and you write something on your pad, then you walk to the window and yell greenside up. What is going on?"

The contractor replies, "Well, if you look across the street, I have four blondes laying sod in your neighbours yard."

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