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Top Rated Jokes
Game Of Intelligence - Rank: 7.31   
You've got Blonde - Rank: 7.19   
Horrific Accident - Rank: 7.11   
The Circle - Rank: 7.07   
First Class Blonde - Rank: 6.94   
Blonde Logic - Rank: 6.94   
Ventriloquist - Rank: 6.93   
3 People in a Airplane - Rank: 6.89   
Blonde Painting the House - Rank: 6.88   
Blonde Guy - Rank: 6.86   
NASA Experiment - Rank: 6.83   
Alligator Shoes - Rank: 6.8   
Blonde School Girl - Rank: 6.77   
Blonde Hurts - Rank: 6.76   
Locked Out of Car - Rank: 6.72   
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